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Copy dependent libraries Arduino to Platformio lib fodler

Hey all,

I am trying to migrate from Arduino IDE to Visual Studio PlatformIO. When trying to import an Arduino Project I get the option to use the default Arduino IDE libraries folder. What happens is that in that same folder I have my own developed libraries. I would like to automatically import those into the project lib folder of the PlatformIO. Is there any way yo achieve this? If so, how?

Ex.: suppose I have and arduino sketch called: Test.ino, which includes a library folder called Library, which has Library.h and Library.cpp. The Library folder is in Documents/Arduino/libraries.
I want to import the sketch to platformio so that I have automatically:

Project folder name
    |__ lib
    |    |___Library
    |           |____Library.h
    |           |____Library.cpp

Thanks in advance!

So if you activate the “use default Arduino IDE libraries” option, your library will be automatically found, so compilation should work. It’s just not copied into lib/ (which arguably makes developemnt of that library unconvenient).

There is no automatic option to copy a library folder into a project on startup. If you find this to be a potentially usefull feature, feature requests can be opened at