Convert esp-idf to platformio project

I started moving this into platformio and am still having issues with not finding header files:
It starts like this:


main folder - moved to src

I moved things from the src folder to the main folder and added this platformio.ini, but getting errors:

platform = espressif32
board = m5stack-stamps3
framework = arduino
; lib_deps = 
; 	m5stack/M5Unified@^0.1.9
; 	m5stack/M5Dial@^1.0.1
build_flags = 
    -I include

I did run the git submodule update --init --recursive to download the two libraries that needed it.
Anything else I need to update? Fix?

Error sample:

src/ir_nec/ir_nec_encoder.h:9:10: fatal error: driver/rmt_encoder.h: No such file or directory

This is all it needs to make that ESP-IDF project compile equivalently under PlatformIO.

Converting it to framework = arduino is another story. The original project is not using Arduino.

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