Connecting NRF52840 chip

I have bought an NRF52840 module (E73-2G4M08S1C-成都亿佰特电子科技有限公司) and i would like to program it via VSCode Platformio.
Maybe i am a bit foolish but i see the board (EByte nrf52840) has D+, D-, VBS and GND connections.

Will i be able to just use a USB cable and connect the 4 wires to these pins? And upload code via VSCode or Arduino to the chip?
I see here the USB connections need some resistors and a capacitor and i can add these but maybe i need more than just this:

Also i read somewhere i need to burn the bootloader and have to use J-Link. That is right or can i do that any other way without J-Link? (Don’t have this module) but i do have the ESP-Prog for example