Configure platformio.ini of Library so that examples can be compiled

I created a Library with the following folder structure:

    |      |--MyLibrary.h
    |      |--MyLibrary.cpp
    |      |--example1.cpp
    |      |--example2.cpp

In the library.json, I have it configured like this:

  "export": {
      "include": [

The ini file looks like this:

framework = arduino

src_dir = examples
lib_dir = ./

board = uno
platform = atmelavr
src_filter = -<*> +<example1.cpp>

board = uno
platform = atmelavr
src_filter = -<*> +<example2.cpp>

Somehow the MyLibrary.cpp file ist not found by the compiler (or at least not used). How do I need to configure my project to be able to compile the examples just like I would with every other PIO project?

Try lib_extra_dirs = ../