Configuration of the esp-wrover-kit 4.1 in platformIO

I’m having trouble getting the board to debug in PlatformIO. It was short once. But since then… When I watched certain videos… everything was shown so easily… but now I feel like I’m standing in the forest… between ESP-IDF and CMAKE and hundreds of configuration files… and Every step just brings more errors… I mean, it can’t be that complicated… to debug a simple program.

No platformio.ini and no error message shown is already a bad start for this topic.

Do you want to use ESP-IDF as the framework or Arduino instead? In any case, you first step should be cloning / creating the respective minimal blinky projects from e.g.

And uploading them with the default (UART-based) upload protocol.

If that works (if not, something is fundamentally wrong or your upload_port = .. is wrong), you can start making the changes for debugging. The only things that should be needed are:

Use the “upload” button first, not “Debug”. Does it upload? Then debugging should work equivalently.

← Sorry about that and thanks for the answer… I’ll test the examples.

The hello world example from Espressif worked…thank you very much for the tip… and above all I noticed that I didn’t have enough memory for some of the programs…the hard drive was constantly full…

It works AFTER DAYS of frustration :D! Party on! AND NO F… CMAKE OR OpenOCD OR ESP IDF in the Way… on this example i can finaly go on to my project again.