Configuration for esp32s3 N16R8

Hey guys, I’m new to esp32s3 and I’m not awared of how to config my dev board. In idf I can modify some options.
Right now I need to set my psram to Octal-Mode in 80MHz and Flash spi mode to qio in 80MHz and so on.
Can somebody tell if I config it right or is there anything missing? Here’s my pio.ini:
My thanks in advance.

Due to restriction, I can only upload one pic per time…
Here is idf some idf settings I can modify:

and this:

ESP32-S3 doesn’t need -mfix-esp32-psram-cache-issue, that’s only for ESP32 (Xtensa based).

Is the PSRAM chip found correcty? See sketch at ESP32 - How To Use PSRAM • ThingPulse

Yes, the onboard PSRAM was found correctly and it’s size is exactly 8MB

And if there’s anything else I need to modify to make sure my board is setting right?