Complie Error when I use vTaskDelayUntil() function

Trying to use vTaskDelayUntil function in FreeRTOS and when I compile, I get an error msg implicit declaration of function. I looked at the FreeRTOSConfig.h file and the #define INCLUDE_vTaskDelayUntil is set to 1. So I’m at a loss as how to fix the problem, and I’m dead in the water until I solve it. Anyone know the ‘magic formula’ to fix this?

The environment is esp-idf, PlatformIO under VSCode, and a ESP32doit-devel-v1 board. I have been able to get the WiFi to attach to my AP, so I know the basic environment is working.


Please disregard. My mistake. I mispelled the function name - My BAD!!

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:laughing: Easily done… even worse with these case-sensitive coding languages!

Splelling eorrrs is the reason I just added codespell on my CI checks…:wink: Probably won’t help for mistyped code though. :frowning:

I actually didn’t misspell the function name, I typed in VtaskDelayUntil instead of vTaskDelayUntil. Of course intellsense was telling me I had a problem, but I disregarded the spelling issue and proceeded to do battle with the Compiler environment. Anyway, right name, wrong punctuation.

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