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Compiler path mysteriously has semicolon after drive letter

I’m using CLion 2022.2.3 w/ PlatformIO 6.1.4. When I create a new project for any board, when it initially tries to load the cmake project, I get this error:

CMake File API: D:\CLion\Arduino\piotest1\cmake-build-debug: target-Z_DUMMY_TARGET-Debug-14401388c460657d6858.json: Cannot resolve compiler path ‘C;/Users/redd/.platformio/packages/toolchain-gccarmnoneeabi/bin/arm-none-eabi-g++.exe’

PlatformIO builds on the CLI just fine, and this compiler path exists, except for some unknown reason there is a semicolon instead of a colon after the drive letter. How can I fix this?

I’ve tried re-init, uninstall/reinstall, and just about anything else I could think of. Any place I can find this path is auto-generated.


Seems like a clear bug, sadly I don’t have CLion anymore to test with, can you open a bug in their bugtracker with the platformio tag?

Yep. I headed over there and did a quick search first, and immediately found this:

Wow, I searched “everywhere” and couldn’t find anything on this, but there it is.
For those who find this, it’s apparently a Cygwin path issue. I have confirmed that switching the CLion project to use MinGW works around the issue. Thanks.