Compiler doesn't display warnings

Hello, I have a problem with the compiler. After I edit platformio.ini file, platformio show me warnings, but when I’m compiling code second and next time, platformio doesn’t show me warnings. How can I fix this error?
First compilation:

Next compilations:

As expected, the “Problems” view’s C++ problems are loaded from the compiler output, and when you compile the project two consecutive times without changing anything, the second compilation will not do any compilation at all, and thus the errors “disappear”. Use the project task “Clean” and “Build” to see those errors again.

Unfortunately it depends what part of code I chang. When I change platformio.ini, compiler shows me every warnings, but when I for example add second return statement, compiler doesn’t show me every warnings.

A change in the platformio.ini causes a complete recompilation and thus shows all warnings again, only doing a minor code modification doesn’t show the old warnings in other files. Does the Clean & Build method work as described?

Yes, this method works. Thanks for describing this problem. I think that I know everything what I wanted. Thanks