Compile project with custom lib.a

I created my own shared library but i can’t find a way to compile with it.
I tried to add in the lib folder, or add it in the build_flags, and other try that failed.

Do you know how i can do it? (my shared library is libSharedComLogic.a)

Duplicate of Using a precompiled library *.a - #2 by maxgerhardt.

You need

build_flags =
   -I credentials
   -I ../CLientServerCommunication/SharedComLogic/include
   -L lib

Aka, add the folder where your .a file is to the library search path with -L, then tell the linker to link with your library using -l<library name> where library name is the file name without the lib prefix and without the file extension.

All of this is documented in the build_flags.

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