Comedy of errors - Library name changed - need to remove old ones

I have a library here at:

However, once it went live I saw the name was not as intended (the suggestion in the docs was to slugify it and I assumed it’d get worked out on the library view, but it looks like it keeps the dashes and nobody else is naming things that way). So, I renamed the library (just the name= part in library.json) but evidently that confuses the system.

So, I resubmitted my library with the name field revised - but then I used the wrong file ( is for Arduino, library.json is for PlatformIO).

I just need one - with the current - can you help?

Just making a change to the library.json won’t be enough for the crawler to refresh it (after 24 or so hours)… I’m pretty sure the version number needs to changed, or a new release done. I see you’ve done that since, but the library manager is showing the prior v1.5.2 l, so I expect if I look again tomorrow it’ll probably have refreshed… if not, it’s probably best to tag Ivan so he can give it a poke :wink:

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No, I had updated the tag and done a release as well. It should say 1.5.3.

Either way, will look tomorrow to see what state this is in because worst case I now have two library entries to delete (the CLI had no trouble adding this using the I accidentally used, so it’s quite possible that will exist as well by then).

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It looks correct now - I’m not sure why it took so long to show the new version or what became of the other one that appeared to get created as part of the process. I’ll keep an eye on it for a couple of days here.

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Fantastic. :slight_smile:

Since the docs state it’s only updated once every 24 hours… depending on how exactly that works… ie. 24 hours from time of registration or set time of the refresh run, etc… working on a 24-36 hour window to be safe and not be too impatient… it’s on time… as when I looked the other day GitHub said the 1.5.3 release was 22 hours old…

Updates to existing libraries are done every 24 hours. In case a more urgent update is required, you can post a request on PlatformIO community.