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COM port disappears after uploading program on WisBlock RAK4631 (nordic nRF52 core)

I am using PlatformIO v6.1.1. Following are my project’s platform.ini details :

platform = nordicnrf52@9.3.0
board = wiscore_rak4631
framework = arduino
lib_deps = 
	sparkfun/SparkFun LIS3DH Arduino Library@^1.0.3
	sparkfun/SparkFun u-blox GNSS Arduino Library@^2.0.15
	adafruit/Adafruit SPIFlash@^3.10.0
build_flags = 
extra_scripts =
monitor_speed = 115200
test_ignore = integration*

My problem is specific to uploading the program to the board. After the program has been uploaded, the COM port of the board disappears and hence I cannot access it serially. I have never faced this issue before on PlatformIO.

In the past couple of days, I have been successfully uploading and accessing the board serially without any issues. I began to face this issue 1-2 days ago.

I think that it is a PlatformIO specific issue because I have checked by running the board’s examples on Arduino IDE as well and didn’t face this COM port disappearance issue.

For instance, in the first image, the program is yet to be uploaded, the COM port is also visible :



and now as soon as the hex image is uploaded, the port disappears :


The content of which is?

Is TinyUSB in the build?

Does adding

lib_archive = no

to the platformio.inia nd reuploading make a difference?

@maxgerhardt , the use of “” is to add a 2s delay while uploading. Removing it , however, didn’t affect the issue.

RAK4631 is using Adafruit nrf52 core, and Adafruit core is using TinyUSB and yes TinyUSB is in the build. Why is that an issue now ? It wasn’t before.

And lastly yes, adding this in platformio.ini fixes the issue, but why ?

lib_archive = no