causing massive problems

After almost a day of trying everything out i found out that when plugging in my ESP32 boards (either of them) i have to quit, sometimes force quit, otherwise i get a “resource busy” problem.
I’m using Mac OS Sonoma 14.2.1.

Now i’m sure this is some weird driver problem, probably a custom driver i installed some day competing with Apple’s built in ones, but i don’t know which one?

The ESP32 requires a USB-to-serial UART/TTY IC on-board, but unfortunately over the years there have been many different chips/vendors used with this SoC.

The specific component installed on your board will dictate which USB driver macOS is using to enumerate the device. Thus, it is also essential information for anyone helping you diagnose the issue.

Can you determine which USB-to-serial converter is on your board?

In this case it’s a Wemos D1 ESP32 board. I’m not sure how reliable the information is but i found one vendor’s spec page saying it’s a Silicon Labs CP2102