Collaboration on ESP-IDF polishing

Howdy folks,
I am a keen contributor to all things ESP32 using the ESP-IDF platform. I am new to platformio but believe that I can see areas where integration of the ESP-IDF platform can be greatly improved. What I’m seeking are folks who are skilled in platformio infrastructure to work with folks like myself in the ESP32 community. The hope is that the ESP32 community members can provide skills and knowledge on the design of ESP-IDF and its build system and marry those with folks who have skills in platformio operation and design. The thinking is that ESP32 users can then consume platformio with ease and confidence while platformio would then have 1st class support for ESP-IDF.

I am willing to devote time on assistance but have no great desire to “dive deep” into the implementation of platformio but can bring a good perspective of ESP32 ESP-IDF usage.

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Dear Neil,

See current build script for ESP-IDF:

PlatformIO Build System is based on SCons build tool.

Also, you can try PlatformIO in verbose mode, such as: pio run --verbose to see what does it build.

Thanks Ivan, I’ll have a look. What I was hoping to do was avoid getting into the internals of platformio and its pre-requisites. For example, you advertise 20 development platforms and 11 frameworks. That is awesome … however my thinking is that y’all at platformio are focused on building the “environment” as opposed to being experts in any specific platform or framework. What I was hoping to do with find someone (yourself or colleagues perhaps) that would be open to working with platform specific specialists to polish some of the edges. For example, lets look at ESP-IDF. If someone comes along who is an ESP-IDF specialist and knows what he/she does and expects when using the native ESP-IDF platform and sets a goal in platformio to achieve the same task and gets stymied … they might walk away. Rather than burden them with learning the internals of platformio, could we not set up some form of collaboration where they bring the skills and knowledge of what is done in the native platform and good folks from the platformio team then own the mechanics of platformio to achieve a similar task?

It wouldn’t be without reward. For example, I author a book on the ESP32 … and would love to cover platformio as a chapter or section within. Hence I’m studying platformio as a knowledgable ESP32 user but am finding issues … unfortunately I am drowning in technologies that I need to study for ESP32 and would rather not learn the internals of platformio but instead partner with platformio specialists. I’ll dedicate time to setting up test environments running experiments, providing knowledge and feedback … but digging into the internals of platformio is something I’m hoping to avoid.

Please sorry, I thought that you are interested in PRs for espressif32 development platform.

You can report all issues to and we are open for discussion and bug fixing.

Please correct me if something is wrong. Thanks!

Hi folks,

ESP-IDF developer here. Just to link similar conversations together, something a little similar was suggested on our esp32 forum and I made a comment on this issue in the platform-espressif32 repository about ways to potentially make it easier for to adopt new IDF versions.

That’s not exactly what @nkolban was talking about above (community collaboration also an excellent idea) but I thought I’d mention it here.


Thanks, Angus! I’ve just answered on that issue