Code stopped working after pkg update. how do i revert the changes?

As mentioned above, my code suddenly stopped working after i was stupid enough to run a pkg update to try and fix some serial spam.

My code works flawlessly, as far as i know. i have 10+ units running the exact same code and they work fine. In the process of making the next unit, i decided i would run a pkg update, which is now causing wire.cpp to go haywire. i’m constantly getting hit with error 263, which would indicate incorrect i2c config or timeout. This problem never occured before running the pkg update.

How do i revert the update? What other ways could i possibly fix my issue?

Just use a previous version of the espressif32 platform as documented. It’s a best practice anyway to fixate the platform version for a serious project for reproducability between different computers and immunity against updates.

If you know what Arduino-ESP32 core version you were running before, you can easily cross-reference it against the release notes. E.g., to use the older Arduino-ESP32 1.0.6 core, use platform = espressif32@3.5.0 in the platformio.ini.

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My hero! thank you so much! after going back to 5.3.0 (because it is the oldest version that supports my board) it finally stopped giving me the 263 error. It does, however, show a DNS and ssl error. I’ll probably be cycling through versions the rest of the day until i finally find the one that works again.

Once again, thank you so much!!!