Code not executing on stm32f3 discovery with arduino framework

While uploading I get no errors and the board also shows that it is uploading the code just fine but nothing happens afterwards. I’ve tried setting up the .ini file with the help of ST STM32 — PlatformIO latest documentation but with no luck. if you guys can help me configure the file, that would be much appreciated.

Current state:

platform = ststm32

board = disco_f303vc

framework = arduino

Big oof. Same issue as in Stm32 Nucleo Arduino Pin Definitions Wrong? and Code appears to upload but does not run on STM32 Nucleo L476RG · Issue #537 · platformio/platform-ststm32 · GitHub.

Please add

board_upload.maximum_ram_size = 40960

to the platformio.ini and retry.

OMG thankyou so much!