CMSIS compile error for Gigadevice microcontrollers

Hello everybody, my first post in the community… and I already need your help!

Yesterday I was able to setup the development environment and configure a project.

Yet, I get a compile error because <core_cminstr.h> refer to assembler instructions wfe and sev, which are undefined.
At the moment, I simply commented out the ASM calls just to compile, but I wonder where the problem is.
According to the MCU reference manual, these instructions are in facts defined.


Are you using the GitHub - CommunityGD32Cores/platform-gd32: PlatformIO platform for ARM-based GD32{F,E,L,W} chips. Work in Progress! as a base platform?

I think so, my .ini file contains:

platform = gd32v

The issue is in <core_cmlnstr.h>

gd32V is the RISC-V line of devices, they’re not ARMs. What is the name of your target microcontroller?

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