CLion integration is broken? And there is no Github project to report that?

The newly generated project (using latest stable and also tried dev) is not buildable. CLion does not see any targets.

I am SOOOOO fed up coping with using PlatformIO with VSCode. It is (VSCode C/C++ support) is SOOO incredibly buggy and unbearable. And yet at the same time PlatformIO seems to (clearly) steer towards it.

Is there any place to report CLion issues? There is no Github project (unlike for VSCode).

Since the project files are generated by the pio core, that would be a good place. There’s also an issue related to Clion (Generating broken CMakeLists.txt file. · Issue #3391 · platformio/platformio-core · GitHub).

Not seeing that problem here. E.g. creating a new project pio init -b uno --ide=clion, then adding a main.cpp to src/, reloading the project, I can execute the PLATFORMIO_BUILD target perfectly fine.

This is with the latest stable CLion version 2019.3.4 and PlatformIO, version 4.2.2a1, which is pretty much the latest dev version.

With what platformio.ini are you having problems with?

Might be something to do with the price of VSCode! :stuck_out_tongue: I know for myself if VSCode goes south, I’ll be looking at Eclipse or perhaps Sublime Text since there is the Deviot plugin for that.

Just the automatically generated one, I (as in documentation) used CLI to generate a new project for one of my Adafruit feathers. And once I opened the project – all targets are disabled and attempting to configure targets manually seems to screw it even more. I am on the latest macos and latest CLion version here.

Sure, I would not complain about crapiness of VSCode if CLion worked fine, I have paid for the license for it (had it for awhile working on other things, so no money loss there). What I am frustrated about is that they claim full and smooth integration for it, which is not smooth to begin with (considering the need to use CLI to create a project), nor it even works.

Again, can you share the exact contents of the platformio.ini or best, the whole project (github, google drive / dropbox)? As I have shown, I’m having no problems with the latest PIO + CLion.

Please use official PlatformIO for CLion plugin. See updated docs CLion — PlatformIO latest documentation

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