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Clion FILE_PATH error


I’ve recently started using platformio and Im trying to integrate it with clion by following the clion integration guide here I encountered an issue when I am trying to import the created project after executing pio init.

Clion complains this:
Load error: undefined path variables
FILE_PATH is undefined. Fix it

I realised the source of error should be from one of the files from the .idea dir
Looking through them I spotted this at line 18 watcherTasks.xml

<option name="regExp" value="$FILE_PATH$:^platofrmio" />

I suspect it is a typo. I did not edit any of the files. This is a fresh project which was imported just after being initialised.

How can I fix this? I will try by correcting the typo and see what will happen

Thanks in advance


Where exactly does it say that? Can you screenshot it?



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I’ll try to quickly reproduce it. Then it seems it’s a bug which should be filed in


I fixed typo. Could you re-test with the latest dev/version? pio upgrade --dev.


Thanks. I guess it really was a typo. No more issues now.