CLion doesn't know about lib folder

As the readme in lib/ descibes, I’ve got a project structure something like

|  |--Foo
|  |  |- Foo.cpp
|  |  |- Foo.h
|  |- readme.txt
|- platformio.ini
   |- main.cpp

And in main.cpp I’ve got #include <Foo.h>. This compiles fine, but it looks like CLion doens’t know that, it says Cannot find Foo.h and suggests to do #include "../lib/ServoTimer2/ServoTimer2.h" instead. Is there a way to fix this?

Did you try recreating the project index? There is a target for that. Then right-clicking on the project and doing “Synchronize [Project Name]” also helps. I am fairly certain that this kind of folder structure works well and finds the includes (without relative paths) without error in CLion.

That fixed it, thanks a lot!