Clion Cannot run pio "Permission Denied"

Iam failing while integrating pio to the CLion IDE. I included the PATH variable to the ~/.profile file (two different ways) as:

export PATH=$PATH:~/.platformio/penv/bin
export PATH="~/.platformio/penv/bin":$PATH

and can run the pio – version (and also the equivalent platformio) without sudo privelegies.

But when I’m trying to create a new pio project in CLion I always get
Cannot run programm ./home/jonas/.platformio/penv/bin" (in directory "/tmp"): error=13, Permission denied

Docs say the first one but without quotes.

export PATH=$PATH:~/.platformio/penv/bin

(you might also try to use the fill path, instead of ~/ use /home/jonas/).

You should also restart your computer after making .profile changes.

Thank you for your answer. I tried

export PATH=$PATH:/home/jonas/.platformio/penv/bin

but the error remains the same. Do you have another idea?

Ok, I got it working. The problem was that the path to pio was not complete. The path (/home/jonas/.platformio/penv/bin/home/jonas/.platformio/penv/bin) points to the folder but not to the file to run. The full path is:

/home/jonas/.platformio/penv/bin/pio (or platformio).

However, in the create project window, you don’t even get to correct the path and it was automatically created during installation. This is a bit confusing.