Click on any website-link => Mozilla crash (Ubuntu v19, VSC)

Whatever website link I click within PIO I get a Firefox crash report that asks to send the crash report and reset or quit firefox. But when I start firefox it’s running without any problems.

I have PIO running in VSC in Ubuntu v19.

Try seeing if it’s PlatformIO specific, VSCode specific, or lauching-Firefox-from-an-external-program specific.

i.e. to see if it’s VSCode specific, try the Help -> Tips and Tricks or Help -> Introductory Videos entries… they’re nothing to do with PlatformIO. Or see if there is another program (LibreOffice maybe?) that triggers the default web browser…

Hi Pfeerick, yes it seems a specific problem within VSCode, Firefox & Ubuntu v19
See: Clicking urls makes browser crash · Issue #75579 · microsoft/vscode · GitHub
I uninstalled Firefox and installed Chromium
Thanks :wink:

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Excellent. It actually looks more to be a Snap issue, with the other workaround being to remove the snap version of VSCode, and install it from the deb package. As long as it works! :slight_smile:

Deleting an established web browser to install an experimental one isn’t really a solution

Seems to be confirmed by Clicking urls makes browser crash · Issue #75579 · microsoft/vscode · GitHub.

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