Clean command does not clear .pio\libdeps folder

I encountered unexpected behavior.

I used a library with lib_deps that does not compile with the RP2040. After removing the library from the lib_deps list in platform.ini and cleaning up it still didn’t compile. That was due to the library still being in the .pio\libdeps folder and thus the compilation failed.
I thus had to manually delete all files in the libdeps folder. I was expecting that the clean function would do that.

“Clean” cleans build artifacts (the object files compiled from the source files), otherwise it would have to re-download every library again after after such a clean command. But I indeed see the use-case for a “Delete all of .pio” case too – feature requests can be made in Issues · platformio/platformio-vscode-ide · GitHub.

thanks for the quick response. I have opened an issue.