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CircleCI support

I seem to have problems in running the platformio CI on CircleCI.
Going through your documentation, I only see two things needed for it:

       # Install the latest stable PlatformIO
       - sudo pip install -U platformio
        - pio run -e <ID_1> -e <ID_2> -e <ID_N>

Going through the CircleCi documentation v2.1, I see the concepts of jobs, workflows and even orbs. I dont quite understand how these things relate to jobs I need to configure CircleCI.
After installing the platformio in my docker container (cimg/python:3.9.4), it seems to be unavailable when invoked by the pio run command. Is there something else needed to run it in docker/circleci?

Maybe @ivankravets can help here.

Thanks for pointing it out. Docs for CircleCI have been updated.

I see you’re using circleci/python@1.4.0 as your docker image. On CirceCI website I’ve seen there that they are using something like cimg/python@x.y.z. and circleci images have been put to legacy.

circleci/python is not a docker image, it’s an orb CircleCI Developer Hub - circleci/python . Internally, it uses cimg/python@3.8 by default.

thanks, it helped a lot. Documentation is awesome, too.

by the way, is there a way to run that orb, without needing to install the platformio each time?

I’m no expert on the CircleCI infrastructure, you’d better take a look at their docs Welcome to CircleCI Documentation - CircleCI