Choosing older Board Toolchain


I am using an Adafruit Adalogger M0 board which works fine 99% now I stumbled across a bug where If I use two SD cards i get an runtime access error. Compilation is fine.
If I compile and upload the same code from Arduino IDE it works fine, no runtime errors. I did some digging and found out that i need following boards in Arduino IDE

Arduino SAMD Boards 1.6.2
Adafruit SAMD Boards 1.3.0

Any newer Board toolchain and the problem shows up I assume it is some kind of timing / SPI issue.

Anyways I can use

platform_package = atmelsam@1.6.2

in platformio.ini

But I could not find any documentation on how to use the older adafruit tools. Any hints?

What? o_o. atmelsam is a platform and if you want to switch to a different platform verison, you’re supposed to be using platform = atmelsam@<version>, not platform_packages. (docs, docs). Use platform_packages to control the version of packages, such as the framework-arduino-xxx, as is dispalyed at the start of the compilation. The post contains here more info about this.

Did you report this issue in in the core? Also I presume if you are using an Adafruit board, only the Adafruit SAMD boards core version matters, not the one of the core provided by the Arduino team. Please open an issue in GitHub - adafruit/ArduinoCore-samd if that’s the core you’re using.