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Changing email address in community

Hey folks,

I need to change my email address in the community. I am unable to do so on the preferences page, it says “Email can be updated from SSO provider.” (GitHub). I’ve already updated GitHub with the new email address, which is not reflected here

Is there any way I can disconnect my account from GitHub so I can update this email address before the old domain expires? I tried revoking the OAuth token on the GitHub side and that doesn’t seem to have done anything.


Maybe it takes some time to reflect back?

CC @ivankravets maybe he knows more

Unfortunately not it, it’s been changed at GitHub for weeks.

There is no “community account”. We use one PlatformIO Account for all services. Have you tried

Followed the instructions and was able to update my email.

Tip: you need 2 Cli commands:
pio account login --username xxx --password yyy
pio account update --current-password yyy --email name@domain

After above commands first verify the new email address!


This makes the work! Thank you!