Changing build settings in library.json extraScript does not work

I have a library with a few sample programs (esp32, Arduino, but that probably doesn’t matter).

I have an that creates a version-file from git information and it adds some defines to env["BUILD_FLAGS"] and a few other modifications.

If I run this script for my samples (by specifying extra_scripts = in my platformio.ini) it works perfectly fine.

But if I run the script through my library.json build.extraScript parameter it does not work.
The script does run: the version file is created, and the script prints logging messages that I get. But the changes to env are somehow not honoured.

Any suggestions on what I could be doing wrong?

Have you taken care to modify the correct construction environments, if in doubt all?

See Unable to solve error ".o uses VFP register arguments, .elf does not" - #6 by maxgerhardt

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Thank you @maxgerhardt , that was indeed the issue: I was using Import("env") but I should use DefaultEnvironment() in this case. I had overlooked the relevant sentence in the documentation:

If you use library.json and extraScript, the Import("env") refers to the library’s isolated environment from which a script was called (not to the global environemnt). Please use env = DefaultEnvironment() instead to access the global environemnt.

Hmm. Modifying DefaultEnvironment() does’t seem to work.

One problem is that any changes I make to BUILD_FLAGS (for example appending -DMY_VERSION=42) aren’t actually picked up by the builds.

But moreover for some boards I seem to break the build process in a more serious way by modifying the DefaultEnvironment(). Building for the nodemcuv2 board for example it will not create the script if I make any changes. Running with pio ci -v indeed shows that the step is skipped…

Shouldn’t that be in in DefaultEnvironment().Append(CPPDEFINES=[("MY_VERSION", 42)])?

@maxgerhardt indeed. I was modifying BUILD_FLAGS, which works for running your extra-script through platformio.ini but doesn’t work if it is run through library.json.

By changing this to modifying CPPFLAGS and ensuring I modify both env and DefaultEnvironment() it now works everywhere.