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Changelog not showing after publishing package

I have published a package (bascy/NukioBleEsp) but the changelog tab on PIO Home does not show any release information
The project contains a file (which is probably not relevant) and it contains a release in github with the same version as specified in library.json, and with changes listed in the description of the version.

See Release 0.0.6 · I-Connect/NukiBleEsp32 · GitHub

what am i doing wrong?

Can you show a screenshot of VSCode of what you mean? Does a changelog show for other libraries?

I mean the “Changelog” tab when looking at the details of a library in Pio Home.

Libaries like h2zero/NimBle do have a changelog filled in there


@maxgerhardt Did you change anything, because now the changelog does show the text that is entered in the github release 0.0.6


I don’t even have rights to the registry since I’m not staff, either the PlatformIO library crawler has awakened and did what you wanted it to do, or @ivankravets fixed it :smiley:

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PIO Home directly fetches data on your machine using Github API. It seems that owner of that repository updated release notes.