Change upload command

Hi there,

For whatever reason, since a recent PlatformIO update my upload command (from the toolbar, PlatformIO menu or shortcut) runs:

pio run -t upload

which causes verification errors when I flash my embedded Atmega328P chips. I gather from reading on this forum that it needs to run

pio run -t program

and this command string works from the terminal… How can I make it the default upload command so it works when I use the buttons/shortcuts ?

Thanks in advance!

There is a feature request for this

You can set hotkey for the PlatformIO: Program task.

Thanks for the heads-up, though as the toolbar is its own package and just fires the same command as the shortcut and PlatformIO menu option, it’d be ideal if the upload command could be changed globally, seeing as I now have to pull up a terminal any time I want to upload to embedded Atmega328P devices.

The toolbar does already have the ability to add custom buttons, I believe… But it just tells PlatformIO to action the upload, rather than passing the command directly. It’s PlatformIO itself that runs ‘pio run -t upload’.