Change them baud rate of a GP-20U7 GPS Rx module

Hello support, is it possible to change the default baud rate of 9600 with a GP-20U7 GPS Rx module?

Thang you in advance,

Paul D. Wilkie

Groomer bALERT


I’m a little bit confused at what you’re using. Are you using a specific library and it has a fixed baudrate? How does this relate to PlatformIO as the build system? Can you share the code, library and platformio.ini you’re having problems with? Without these details this seems like an advertisment without an answerable question o_o.

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Even if you missed the words ‘to be compatible with’ , this request makes no sense, as the default baud rate of that receiver IS 9600, which is what PlatformIO happens to default to. Me also thinks this is an unsolicited advertisement and in need of bumping off… :hole: