Change stm32duino core version


because I’ve problem with the eXoCAN library I want find out if it is related to the stm32duino Core version.
How can I check which version is installed, and how can I downgrade it?
I tried to add @~1.8.0 to platform, see screenshot, but that does not work, can’t find this version…

Thank you for any hints

Platform version does not equal STM32Duino framework version, they’re completely separate. Current platform version is 15.6.0 per releases

these also include the info which version was upgraded.

So, if you wanted the STM32Duino release 1.8.0 from December 2019, these are your possiblities:

  • choose the latest ststm32 platform version that was using that core, i.e., platform = ststm32@6.1.1. This may lead to compatinbility problems when using it with the most recent PlatformIO core, try at your disgression.
  • use the latest ststm32 version but downgrade only the used framework-arduinoststm32 package, which is the arduino core. Per documentation and available versions that would be platform_packages = framework-arduinoststm32@~4.10800.0.

Thank you. I tried the last item, but get the following message… seems board is not compatible, strange?

This looks like you tried to set framework = arduinoststm32@... and didn’t do it in the format I posted above.

Can you post your whole platformio.ini?

1 => worked, unfortunately the CAN problem is the same,
2 => I’ve the mentioned error


platform = ststm32@6.1.1
board = bluepill_f103c8_128k
framework = arduino
lib_deps = exothink/eXoCAN@^1.0.3
upload_flags = -c set CPUTAPID 0x2ba01477


platform = ststm32
board = bluepill_f103c8_128k
framework = arduinoststm32@~4.10800.0
lib_deps = exothink/eXoCAN@^1.0.3
upload_flags = -c set CPUTAPID 0x2ba01477
platform_packages = framework-arduinoststm32@~4.10800.0

That’s not valid, it still would have to be framework = arduino. Only the package version is adapted by the config line below.

Then the problem may lie in the library? Check Issues · exothink/eXoCAN · GitHub or open a new issue with all the details on hardware + wireup + code + expected vs experienced behavior.