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Change Homepage and Repository URLs in library page

Hi everyone, I had changed the repo link of my library repository and released a new version of such library with the updated library.json. However, only the “homepage” link was updated. Here a screenshot:


Is there the possibility to change the repository url to match the homepage url? Additionally, since it may be related, is it possible to change the vendor name/domain?

Done! The library was switched from the manifest to the library.json

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Many thanks! But was it my fault? I have another library affected by the same issue, I don’t understand if I can fix it by myself

Done! Would you like to change the owner name to fabianoriccardi?

Yes! I had already created an account on the pio registry, but I don’t know if I should use it for this purpose…

Done! See

Please note that you can personally manage all your packages with pio pkg publish — PlatformIO latest documentation

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Seen, thank you very much! Reading the docs… :slight_smile:

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