Change flash size of WT32-SC01 Plus

So i have a WT32-SC01 Plus with a WT32-S3-Wrover on there and i have that platformio.ini file:

platform = espressif32
board = um_tinys3
framework = arduino
upload_speed = 921600
monitor_speed = 115200
;board_build.partitions = no_ota.csv
build_flags = 
	-I src/ui/
	-I src/
lib_deps = 
	; TCA9534
	; Wire
	; DS3231

The flashsize is only 3.3MB or something when i build the whole project:

Flash: [=== ] 25.8% (used 860661 bytes from 3342336 bytes)

but since the WT32 board has 8MB of flash i would like to use them too…
How can i change that?

There are many things being stored in the flash, your application being only a part of it. While you cannot 100% use the flash with your application code, you can chose a different partitioning of the flash per documentation to use it better, e.g., max_app_8MB.csv with

board_build.partitions = max_app_8MB.csv

gives you 7.875 MByte of application space.

Oh thank you so much! worked for me…

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