Cc1plus.exe fatal error

I have this error compiling one proyect in windows 10.:

My platformio.ini has this flag that complile ok under linux :
build_flags =
-include /$PROJECT_LIBDEPS_DIR/$PIOENV/TFT_eSPI/User_Setups/Setup25_TTGO_T_Display.h

If I changue this line:
-include /$PROJECT_LIBDEPS_DIR/$PIOENV/TFT_eSPI/User_Setups/Setup25_TTGO_T_Display.h

by this other:
-include $PROJECT_LIBDEPS_DIR/$PIOENV/TFT_eSPI/User_Setups/Setup25_TTGO_T_Display.h

The proyect compile under windows 10 + vscode +platformio.
But not compile under linux. It is neccesary to put " / " to compile it.

There is an issue with platformio that cause this fault?


That sounds like a bug then, it should behave the same: $PROJECT_LIBDEPS_DIR should expand to the full path equally on Windows and Linux. Please file a bug in Issues · platformio/platformio-core · GitHub.

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Fixed in