Can't upload firmware to stm8

I can not upload the firmware on stm8. nothing happens when i try to upload. no errors

The upload execution may be hanging. (Ctrl+C to abort)

What’s the exact output when you go Project Tasks → Advanced → Verbose Upload?

Can abort that again and open a PlatformIO core CLI and do

cd C:\Users\Croaton\.platformio\packages\tool-stm8flash
stm8flash.exe -c stlinkv2 -p stm8s103?3 -u

What does it say, if anything? Does it change when -c stlinkv21 is used?

Hm sorry for PowerShell the command is different, try

.\stm8flash.exe -c stlinkv2 -p stm8s103?3 -u

instead. (And with -c stlinkv2 separately)

  1. And the same command with stlinkv21?
  2. Can you send a picture of your hardware setup that shows the STLink and microcontroller?
  3. Do you have the latest ST-Link drivers installed, or at least the ones from

Thanks for the replies, I’ll do that later. For now, I’ll try to figure it out myself

The problem was solved, I updated the st-link firmware here thanks for the response and help in solving the problem

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