Can't swith project environment using "Switch PlatformIO Project Environment" button

Hi, I’m working on multiple project with different microcontroller (Arduino Uno and ESP32), usually the button to switch project are working flawlessly. But, right now i can’t use it, i dont have any setting change it suddenly not working at all. I have to use open project on PlatformIO home page, so i waste more time to do it. Any solution ?

I’m using VS Code 1.78.2 and PlatformIO IDE 3.1.1

Can you provide a screenshot? Does it not work or does the button not exist?

Here the screenshot. The button is there, I can press it. But nothing happened, I think it should show list the project that I have. Do you know solution for this problem ?

Are there multiple projects in the workspace / file explorer sidebar? Does it also not work if that’s the only project in the workspace?

Yes, they are. It doesnt work if there’s only one project in the workspace too.