Can't switch between projects to compile

I have 2 projects called board_3 and board_4, I used to be able to switch between them by clicking on the corresponding tabs in the editor and then compile and upload whichever I want. since yesterday, both compiler and upload are stuck on board_4. no matter what I do I can not compile board_3. I can edit it, it’s tab gets highlited, everything seems fine, but when I press the compile or upload icon, it does it for board_4, that is it compiles or uploads board_4. am I missing something? how can I switch it to the other board? BTW this applies to any other projects that I open, their tabs work , I can edit them, but when it comes to compiling or uploading, back to board_4 she goes!

Which project gets built / uploaded does not depend on which code file / tab you have open. You have to use the project environment switcher to select your target project + environment.

Thank you for both replies Max. Boy there is nothing easy about this platformio is there, I get the libraries, but the environmental switcher, seriously what would be the harm to just click on the tab and make that the active project? maybe i’m just too old for this stuff, thanks for your reply though, I do appreciate it.

The original way was that the project associated with the active tab was compiled. There were complaints that this was not always working, so it was changed to an active “you have to select the right project”. This then created backsplash from the people for which this was working, and so now it’s a selectable extension setting to turn it back on.

(second setting)

Thank you Max, this worked like a charm. Made things so much easier. Now if I could only figure out workspaces, would really be great, but please don’t take that as me asking another question, i will try and sort it out on my own. Thanks again