Can't remove lib_deps downloads itself without there

can’t remove lib_deps downloads itself without there
I go crazy impossible to delete its two libraries which prevent me from doing anything they are not notified in plateform.init I delete do what I want it comes back every time when loading see even when I delete them they come back instantly

Remove the library from the lib_deps section in your platformio.ini. Then delete the library folder.

already done it will be downloaded then I really do not see where is the root of this request
I completely deleted everything in the folder now only my src lib and data remain once I compile everything comes back
the platformio.ini file contains absolutely no library requests so I don’t understand where it comes from

here is what I have before compiling so I deleted all the feet so that there is no trace of the library

but when I compile we see that two libraries are downloaded I have no idea why I can’t find anywhere the order to download these two libraries which moreover are not at all the right version

I just found the request comes from an internal library to the project which calls a file with the request to download its two libraries I did not know that this was possible in any case it really pissed me off for the day thank you anyway for your help is very kind of you