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Can't get "lib_dir" working

I’ve set up exactly the same example as in the documentation for “lib_dir”:
“PlatformIO will find your libraries automatically, configure the preprocessor’s include paths and build them.”
No, it doesn’t. Neither the include files are found, nor the *.cpp files are compiled.
But “include_dir = …” works, then the include files are found and “src_dir” works as well, then the library files are found, but of course not “main.cpp”.
What’s wrong with my setup ?
Hope you can help

Additionally I’ve tried to change lib_ldf_mode to deep
all the parameters are simply ignored --> it can’t be that such a simply requirement doesn’t work ???

So you mean this example?

What main.cpp? The example references main.c.

Do you have your project uploaded to Github for reproduction of the problem? Or a more precise error message and project setup structure?