Can't flash ESP32 with ESP-Prog, COMPORT doesn't exist even though it does

I have this bug for a while now and don’t know how to fix it. I am using ESP-Prog JTAG edebugger and flasher to flash my esp32 mcus using Serial communication. For UART I should use COM n+1. When I connect ESP-Prog I can see two comports on device manager:


they also shows on VSCode Platformio,but when selecting COMPORT 20, I get this error:
A fatal error occurred: Could not open COM20, the port doesn’t exist
What is the problem? Programmer is working fine, because I usually fix this problem by rewriting drivers using Zadig back and forth a couple of times till Windows changes comport numbers and then Platformio manages to communicate through them. But what actually causes this? Because every time I reconnect ESP-Prog, this error happens.

In Windows, COM ports above 9 need to be prefixd with \\.\

upload_port = \\.\COM20

did like you said, but still got the same error, so this does not work for me

Please show a full screenshot of VSCode with the file explorer sidepanel open.

It might be that you have the wrong project selected or are in some sort of weird virtualized / sandboxed environment.

Through experimenting I found a fix, which doe not solve the problem and question. First I have to rewrite drivers using Zadig to libUSB of Serial COMPORT, than I downloaded FTDI drivers for specific chip, that is on ESP-Prog and rewrite drivers again, windows then assigned different COMPORT numbers and Platformio finally could see them and start flashing.