Can't compile TextLCD library installed in platformIO and in Mbed framework


I want to implement code using the TextLCD library from Mbed, I already tested in mbed online platform and it works as expected, but I can’t get it properly to work here in platformio, I installed using this steps

but I only get errors during the compilation. First there was an error:
expected class-name before ‘{’ token platformio

in class TextLCD_Base : public Stream { (this does not happen in the mbed online ide).

I decided to #include “Stream.h”

and now I got
In file included from src\main.cpp:2:
C:/Users/AIOTIK-005/.platformio/lib/TextLCD/TextLCD.h:765:20: error: expected ‘)’ before ‘*’ token
765 | TextLCD_I2C(I2C *i2c, char deviceAddress = PCF8574_SA0, LCDType type = LCD16x2, LCDCtrl ctrl = HD44780);
| ~ ^~
| )
C:/Users/AIOTIK-005/.platformio/lib/TextLCD/TextLCD.h:819:5: error: ‘I2C’ does not name a type; did you mean ‘I2C1’?
819 | I2C *_i2c;
| ^~~
| I2C1

What could be the issue?

my code is simply including the library into main.cpp. so it is pretty a default program to start testing in platformio.


board is Nucleo F411RE!