Can't compile my code - toolchain-xtensa32 error

Please help can’t compile my code that I have compiled many times before

The error says

src/receiver/receiver.cpp: In function 'float loadFlashSetting(uint8_t, float)':
src/receiver/receiver.cpp:1657:5: error: 'stringstream' was not declared in this scope
     stringstream strs;       //convert an int into a char[]

so maybe this helps?

But I have compiled this code before without problems before. I am currently running it on my longboard and has been for more than a year, Needed to update some stuff but now I cant compile it?

it works if I put “using namespace std;”
but can’t recall that it’s been there before, using GitHub Desktop for trackback.

It works now thanx.

It is well possible that you’ve been using an older version of the ESP32 platform then which implicitly contains some older compiler version and Arduino core version, which did include this stuff for you. Thus there don’t have to be code changes to make it non-working.

Note that per docs and release versions you can always roll back the used platform version.