Can't compile a thing, even the Examples

So the thing is I can’t compile any of the examples for any other platform than Arduino. I’ve tried Freescale, NXP, STM32, (since those are some of the boards I have at home) with CMSIS. But with any combination I can’t finish a compilation without any errors.

This is what I get with LPC1768:

  .platformio/lib/cmsis-core_ID1237/cmsis-core/cmsis_nvic.h:41:35: error: YOTTA_CFG_CMSIS_NVIC_RAM_VECTOR_ADDRESS' undeclared (first use in this function)

This is what I get with frdm_kl27z:

.platformio/lib/cmsis-core_ID1237/source/cmsis_nvic.c:65:2: error: #error The target should define yotta config cmsis-nvic.has-vtor, or cmsis-nvic.has-cu
stom-vtor + implement NVIC_SetVector/NVIC_GetVector
#error The target should define yotta config cmsis-nvic.has-vtor, or cmsis-nvic.has-custom-vtor + implement NVIC_SetVector/NVIC_GetVector

So I can’t even compile the examples and don’t where to start. This was my first time using the platform-io for other thing that arduino.

Same problem here, with stm32f411re board.

I’m having the same issues with the LPC1768. Seems like the file cmsis.h is missing (it’s nowhere to be found in the library). I also get the error:

C:\Users\Sander\.platformio\lib\core-util_ID1236/core-util/ExtendablePoolAllocator.h:46:58: error: invalid constructor; you probably meant 'mbed::util::ExtendablePoolAllocator (const mbed::util::ExtendablePoolAllocator&)'

C:\Users\Sander\.platformio\lib\core-util_ID1236/core-util/ExtendablePoolAllocator.h:48:64: error: expected ',' or '
...' before '&&' token

In order to solve PoolAllocator problem I added build_flags to my platformio.ini file.
For example:

platform = nordicnrf51
board = nrf51_dk
framework = mbed

build_flags =