Can't close Home page with shortcut C+w

can’t close Home page with shortcut C+w

I am not aware that CTRL+W is an official shortcut to close the home window. Is there a source for this?


This only works if the focus is on the home Tab.
So you might need to click on the tab first:

But clicking on the X right next to it might be faster then :wink:

i have zero visual noise (tabs are visual noise, as well as windows decoration)

i can close every tab with shortcut

so i perceive that behavior as a bug, not a feature

The Home window is not a simple window. It contains multiple elements like buttons links etc etc. So the is a Focus. If the focus is not at the Tab itself, CTRL+W won’t work. You’ll have to press TAB until the focus is on the window itself.

Personally, I don’t think this is a bug of PlatformIO but a matter of how VS Code handles this.

this is the problem

pio brakes default behaviour

this is unacceptable :point_up:

c+w after tab not working, meanwhile focus is changes

press tab until no element inside the window is focussed anymore. So the focus is on the tab.

But using the mouse seems to be much simpler. Or don’t use platformio if it makes you so angry :smirk:

By the way, I never use the Home screen. I create a new folder on my harddrive, open a terminal and use pio project init -b <board-id> + code .
This way, I will always have a fresh project workspace :grin:

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double a+tab works, but meh :hot_face:

i have no tab-bar (i turned on side-bar only for showcase purpose), so using mouse was never the option

yeah, i already installing deps by editing .ini so convenient, but i new here, so i have a bunch of cheap chinese boards and tinker around constantly