Can't add libraries to local environment

Using PlatformIO, version 3.0.0a5 I can’t get a local build to find any project dependencies when unit-testing

For example,

platform = espressif
framework = arduino
board = nodemcu
lib_extra_dirs = \path\to\lib

gives a nice dependency map, but

platform = native
lib_extra_dirs = \path\to\lib

says “Project does not have any dependencies”

and then

“Fatal error: No such file or directory”

for the first library in src/main.cpp

which is located in the project lib folder, not the external libraries.

Any thoughts on why it might not work?

Could it be a problem with MinGW?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Also, what does “Framework incompatible library” mean?

This is what I get if i run

pio test -e local -v

Thanks again!

Thanks for the issue. I’m waiting for the answer.