Can't add a certificate to my ESP32 project

Can’t add a certificate to my project on ESP32. Copied the certificate file to the certs folder of the project. Added the line to the CMakeLists file:
and then
But when compiling the project, an error comes out that
Source .pio \ build \ esp32dev \ api_telegram_org.cer.S not found
What’s wrong?

What’s your platformio.ini? Needs additional config

Yes, it helped. Thank you so much

At first, I did the example from the espidf framework examples folder, it did not work. Then somewhere I found that for platformio I need to do it differently, it helped.
For esp_http_client.h, it’s easier to bind the certificate with a string in general, but then it will be in RAM, which you don’t really want. And this method should be in Flash.