Cannot open project

hey all,

First excuse my bad english.
Im new at platformio, so i create a project but i cant open it .
In other word, i can’t see the folder project (src, lib …) in work space.

Thank you all .

That looks like a bug introduced with the latest PlatformIO release. I’m experiencing the same.

The project has been created. It’s just not added to the workspace. It will be created in Documents / PlatformIO / Projects. This applies to both Windows and macOS and possibly to Linux as well.

The workaround is to add it manually:

  • Click File / Add Folder to Workspace… in the menu
  • Navigate to the project location and select the project
  • Click “Add”

The project now appear in the workspace (Explorer view).

you are right !
Thank you a lot !

There is already an issue open in GitHub. It seems to affect opening existing projects as well.


This issue has been fixed now with a new release of PIO Home (release 2.3.1).

To update:

  • Either: open PIO IDE Terminal, run pio update and restart VS Code.
  • Or: use PlatformIO (left side bar) > Quick Access > Upates > Update all