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Cannot login successfully even though I have the correct password

How is this possible?

 ~  platformio account login  15:10:52
PIO Plus ( v1.5.0
E-Mail: [my email]
Successfully authorized!

 ~  platformio account password  15:11:12
PIO Plus ( v1.5.0
You are not logged in. Please log in to PIO Account using PlatformIO IDE > PIO Home > Account or pio account login command and try again.
If you don’t have PIO Account yet, please create it using PlatformIO IDE > PIO Home > Account or pio account register command.

Do you use the same credentials as for the community forum? Please note that PIO Account != Community forum.

I have the same problem.
I can no longer login to my PIO account, neither using VSC nor using command line.
And I am not using the same password for the community forum.
Changing the password also does not work.

Please help.

Problem solved.
Found the solution in an earlier post… Sorry, had overlooked it…
Deleting the packages folder in the ~/.packages folder did the trick.