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Cannot install library in VSCode via IDE on Mac

Hi all,

I’m on newest VS Code for Mac, also newest PlatformIO IDE, but this as been an issue for me for few weeks. I cannot remember when it started

Problem is, that I’m able to search and find a library via PIO Home, but I cannot install any via Install button. The moment I press the button, it “grays out” (disables) and I cannot press it again. From this moment I cannot use Search, it also does not list installer libraries, updates, nothing. Building a code works. The only solution to get to the previous state is to restart VS Code.

Workaround: on the same computer when I open Terminal and type “pio lib install LIBRARYNAME”, works perfectly and this library shows in Installed list.

does anybody have a hint do do that? I have two Macs and they are behaving the same
thanks a lot for any comments

Have you resolved this issue?

nope, nobody seems to care and there’s only fingerpointing. I have switched back to Arduino app, I don’t have the nerves anymore

What is your OS? Please open VSCode > Help > Toggle Developers Tools > Console. Do you see any errors?

Please note, that the recommend solution to manage project libraries is to adding them to lib_deps.