Cannot initialize project with M5Stack core2

With the latest pio (pio upgrade done yesterday), using the project wizard, i’ve tried to create a project using m5stack core2 board, which gives me an error in the following popup:

PIO Core Call Error: “The following files/directories have been created in C:\Users\weblab1\Documents\PlatformIO\Projects\m5core2Test\r\ninclude - Put project header files here\r\nlib - Put project specific (private) libraries here\r\nsrc - Put project source files here\r\nplatformio.ini - Project Configuration File\r\nResolving m5stack-core2 dependencies…\r\n\n\nUnknownBoard: Unknown board ID ‘m5stack-core2’”.
My version is: Core 6.1.11·Home 3.4.4 in Windows 10.
Any thoughts .?

You may have a corrupted Espressif32 platform installation, which holds the board file.

Delete all folders C:\Users\weblab1\.platformio\platforms\espressif32* and re-open VSCode.

After directory has been deleted, t’s now downloading m5stack-core2 board.
Thanks a lot.